Vomit… or How I Started to Blog

    I have more conversations in my mind than I have in reality.  Which is not to say I have voices in my head, at least not like a multiple personality disorder, or whatever the PC way of referring to that is these days.  I just practice.  I have the conversations that I intend to have with others, or would like to have but never truly will, so that I’m prepared.  Preparation is key.  I hate being unprepared.  I hate looking like I don’t have my shit together. Besides, it is human nature to want to look good and be right, isn’t it?

    The thing is, it never truly helps.  When I’ve not had that practice conversation I clam up.  I can’t move forward because I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know what the other person will say.  So in the end, I say nothing.  They say nothing.  Nothing happens.

    This mindset translates to everything.  I love to write, or at least I say that I do.  I don’t write though.  I can’t commit the words to page because they haven’t formulated perfectly in my mind.  So yeah, I write in my head too.  Volumes and volumes of unfinished material that goes nowhere.  The inklings in my head are not allowed to be ink on paper until they’re perfect.

    So I’m trying not to do that now.  I’m attempting to regurgitate words onto a computer screen instead of self-editing a million times over.  I’m trying to live an imperfect life.  Weirdly enough, I think that’s the better life.  I always have.  Perfection is boring.

    The transition is difficult though.  Part of the countless problems with perfection and over-preparedness is that change, especially when it’s unexpected, is terrifying.  And I am petrified.  It’s been a year of all levels 0f change, both the desperately sought after kind and the where-the-hell-did-that-come-from kind.  Change happened.  It’s still happening.  And yeah, there have been some days full of sighs and a readiness to fall into the endless void, but you know what?  I’m fine.  I might even be better.  At the very least, I have hope that I will be.

    So this is my mission statement:

    Perfect imperfection.  Prepare to be unprepared.  Puke up words and call it a blog.  The worst thing that could happen is you’re still just fine.  The best, that you’re better.


    Jason McCartin is the transaction and listing manager for Bello Dimora Network of Keller Williams Realty. The following Tuesday after this blog was composed, he will be starting the Mega Agent Production Systems (MAPS) training and mindset conditioning program called BOLD (Business Objective a Life by Design). Throughout this process, Jason will be contributing to the blog with updates on his progress in this program, especially as it relates to mindset. Bookmark this page to get the latest from Jason, and the rest of the team at Bello Dimora Network.

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